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Director’s greetings


You have found the Kim Man-duk Memorial Hall!


A great welcome to everyone!

The Kim Man-duk Memorial Hall is a place to voluntarily practice sharing and giving, as well as pay tribute to and emulate Kim Man-duk’s life and spread a spirit that has become the symbol of representative righteous people in our country.

This Hall is considered the first sharing culture exhibit hall in Korea where you can learn about Kim Man-duk’s attitude of thrift and saving, pioneering, reformation, and open-mindedness, as well as her leadership and management philosophy. You will also be able to learn, experience and practice her kind of sharing.

The righteous Kim Man-duk, from Jeju during the Joseon Dynasty, is the greatest globally renowned figure of sharing and service coming from Korea.

There are many successful people in the world, but history remembers and celebrates with us the righteous figures who lived their lives in sharing and service. We later generations can follow after them and emulate their lives.

We hope this Hall will become the foremost place where Kim Man-duk’s spirit is considered and understood.

Like small water drops become a stream and then a big river that flows into the ocean, Kim Man-duk’s spirit will spread all over the world.

Always be with our lady Kim Man-duk.

Thank you!


June 2015

Kim Sang-hun, Director of the Man-duk Memorial Hall